New Russian and International Tax Landscape International taxation. Alternative jurisdictions

June 20, 2014, Moscow, Krasnye Kholmy, Kosmodamianskaya nab, 52




10:00-11:45 SESSION 1: Forthcoming changes in Russian legislation in 2014

Moderators: Artem Toropov, Senior Associate, Goltsblat BLP LLP

International tax legislation: how to prepare your business in an era of de-offshoring. Global trends in tax planning: the offshore pressure in the world and in Russia, Artem Toropov, Senior Associate, Goltsblat BLP LLP

Forthcoming changes in Russian tax law, Dmitry Nikolaev, Head of International Taxation, Ministry of Finance

Customs Union - operation within the CIS, Inna Elisanova, Senior Associate, Dentons

Transfer pricing with foreign legal entities, Natalia Kordyukova, deputy director of international tax planning department, CLIFF 

Draft legislation on foreign controlled entities. Business and owner security in the conditions of the disclosure of the final owner, Nicholas Rudomanov, tax practice,VEGAS LEX

Legislation regulating work with electronic documents: trends and prospects, Igor Kozlov, a leading analyst of the strategic planning group "Taxcom"; Elena Barvitskaya "Taxcom"

11:45-12:00 COFFEE-BREAK

12:00-13:45 SESSION 2: Review of different international practices

MODERATOR: Roustam Vakhitov, partner, Baker Tilly Tax Services, Ukrain

Malta. The most appropriate jurisdiction for business in different sectors of the economy, Boris Brook, Advisor, Dentons

The Netherlands jurisdiction for Russian companies, Roustam Vakhitov, partner, Baker Tilly Tax Services, Ukraine

Cyprus and other jurisdictions: structuring options for the new tax realities, Chris Damianou, Executive Chairman of Eurofast

Caribbean  economiccitizenship forinternational businesses, Alexander Voronov, business development director, NTL TRUST LIMITED

Singapore: business opportunities in Asia region, Anton Samokhvalov, partner, KIAP

Audience: The owners of large and medium-sized businesses and top managers | CFOs, tax lawyers |Investors, investment and portfolio management | Registration companies | Providers of Corporate and Trust Services


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